Protecting Your Plants from Winter Damage in Northern Indiana

You may never have thought about protecting your plants in the winter but with our harsh winters here in Indiana we also need to take steps to protect our plants and newly installed trees or shrubs through this snowy season.


As you winterize your house and finish fall cleanup of the leaves in your yard begin to think of the way you will shovel or snow blow the snow.  Consider the direction the snow will accumulate once moved.


Don’t stack snow to where plants, young trees or shrubs can get damaged by the weight of the snow or by the snow blower.  Place stakes along the edge of the plant area for a guide when blowing snow.  Be aware that you may crush your plants when you clear your roof from snow and ice this winter season. 


Check with your landscaper or nursery regarding which plants you have and how to protect them this winter.  Some plants or shrubs you may need to fully cover loosely while others you will need to apply mulch around the base of the plant loosely.  If a young plant or shrub is not covered and should be, it can cause the roots of the plant to push up out of the ground leading to them being dried out if Indiana receives repeated freezing and thawing of the ground this year.


Be sure to brush your evergreens with a broom lightly before the snow builds up on them. Be careful to not damage the evergreens while using the broom. This will help keep the added weight of snow and ice from accumulating on your evergreen branches causing them to break.

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